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Why open a bank account?


Students who carry cash sometimes lose it.  You can avoid this problem by keeping your money in a bank account.   You can then use cheques for most purchases, including payment of your school fees.

How to open a bank account

You can easily open an account at the Royal Bank as soon as you arrive.  You can obtain an application form at the school.  You should complete the application form and take it to the Royal Bank at:

1025 West Georgia Street (at Burrard St and Georgia St). 

You can save time by faxing the form before you go.  Someone at the school can help you do this.


Who is eligible to open a bank account?

You must be living in a homestay, apartment, or house.  The bank does not accept hotel, motel, or hostel addresses.

If you do not have a student visa, you should have a letter from the school, confirming enrollment.  You can get this letter from the receptionist at the Vancouver English Centre:

250 Smithe Street (At the corner of Smithe St. and Cambie St.).

Where to open your account

The Royal Bank Address for Student Accounts is at the Main Branch only. The address is:

1025 West Georgia (at Burrard Street), Vancouver.

*Other branches might not open an account for you. 

Also, it is important to note that students must close their bank accounts before leaving Canada.

For more information about opening a bank account click here.

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